Thursday, February 25, 2016

We have bungee!

The great thing about bungees is now useful they are in managing slapping halyards, shock cording tarps, and securing gear. The bad thing about bungees is their life, which is rather short, especially if they are left outside for any length of time. Bungees do not like UV as it eats the stuff up in short order.

It doesn't eat the hooks though.

Now, one can just buy new bungees. That is the West Marine way.

One can buy bungee chord, the hog clips and hog pliers and make your own.

What if the hogs you bought were too small and you don't have the pliers?

This is how they want you to do it. The hog clip holds the bungee down.

But wait, if this can hold sails together...

Simple palm whipping ought to do it.

And done. 

Total time spent: about ten minutes.

Total cost saved: I never have to buy hog clips or hog pliers.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Last

This is our last year, and a coming year of last things.

We have been living aboard for five years. Our original plan was to commit to five years, then decide what to do next. Over those five years, we developed a new plan, called The Freedom project. We realized, one day, that we can take our blue water capable boat into blue water. I think it was about two years in. For the last three years we have been actively planning, adjusting plans, re-imagining plans, and executing plans to sail around the world. 

In those preliminary years we have made the following changes/improvements to Brigadoon:
  • Purchased new sails from Carol Hasse at Pt. Townsend Sails.
  • Replaced all the running rigging.
  • Replaced galley stove.
  • Replaced all the interior upholstery and cushions. 
  • Replaced the berth cushions with a custom memory foam mattress.
  • Replaced and upgraded our propane system, from tanks to range.
  • Replaced our battery bank, doubling our capacity.
  • Installed a NMEA 2000 network on Brigadoon.
  • Installed brand new Garmin instrumentation, including GMI 10 data displays.
  • Purchased Coastal Explorer charting software (we do not own a chart plotter).
  • Purchased a Portland Pudgy dinghy/lifeboat, active rescue system (we will not own a life raft).
  • Upgraded the engine diesel fuel filtration system to a dual Parker/Racor system.
  • Replaced our head with a Nature's Head composting head, and with great results.
  • Upgraded our 45lb CQR anchor to an 46lb Ultra
  • Purchased an Ultra stern reel with 400' of polypro floating line.
  • Purchased barely used Asymmetrical Spinnaker, with sock.
  • Replaced all lifelines with Dyneema.
  • Installed jacklines on centerline of boat.
  • Designed and installed dyneema lazy jacks to greatly improve mainsail dousing.
  • Purchased Ultra-SoniTec Untrasonic anti-fouling system to reduce the need for haul outs and bottom paint.
  • Scraped off much of the old varnish, replacing it with Teak Oil, which mildewed, which had to be removed. Now the teak is going as bare and gray as I can keep it now. 
  • Sewed fender covers with our nice new Sailrite machine.
  • Installed new clock/barometer/lamp combo in cabin.
  • Got our Dickenson diesel stove running in top shape.
  • Designed and installed bimini.
None of this includes regular repairs or maintenance things like, oil changes, impeller changes, belt changes, battery maintenance, sanding teak, fixing stanchion leaks, repairing shower sump pumps, replacing horrific wiring for our bulge pump, scraping varnish, scrubbing decks, hauling for bottom painting, and scrubbing and cleaning and polishing and scraping and sanding and and and...not that I'm complaining. 

There is still much to do:
  • Purchase Portland Pudgy lifeboat kit for dinghy.
  • Purchase autopilot (still investigating options).
  • Pull mast and replace all standing rigging, including some minor redesign with the help of Brion Toss.
  • Inspect chainplates and replace if necessary.
  • Replace or reinforce Brigadoon's pilot house windows.
  • Purchase Rainman watermaker.
  • Purchase Honda EU2000i generator.
  • Purchase outboard for dinghy.
  • Haul and bottom paint.
  • Remove old holding tank.
  • And much much more that will pop up before we have leave.

We have one year left.

One year until Kerry resigns, we move to Pt. Townsend to do the second list, and prepare ourselves for a trip to Alaska, for just the summer, or an entire year. Kerry wants to see bears. We might go to Kodiak island, but I digress.

After that, it's points south and then the world. All of it.

But first, much to do. Much to do in our year of lasts.

We will see Kerry's last day at work, our last day in Tacoma, our last day in Pt. Townsend, in Washington, in the US, in North America, in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean....

I can't wait.