Monday, December 6, 2010

Short report

I don't have much to say, maybe more later.  We took Brigadoon out for a real shakedown sail.  We took her to the fuel dock for a pump out, then out the cut east towards Eastlake and Montlake bridges.

We sailed her close hauled, with all sails out, towards Sand Point, where we turned home on a broad reach.   We hit an easy 5.7 kts in 10kt winds.  Not bad for a 1980's, full keeled, 22K lb boat.

It was my boat (yeah, it's our boat but, when I'm responsible, it's my boat), as I sailed her, as I talked the crew, as Kerry sat happy in the pilot house.

And she pointed 30 degrees to windward, at 5 kts.

Then Brigadoon ran, on a broad reach, with my father in law happily at the helm.  The GPS said we hit 6.2 kts (not bad for a 5 kt shitbox) on the reach back to the cut.

It was a good introduction.  The cleats on the port side interfere with the winches, the yankee really needs those winches, the mainsail is really baggy, and I really need to replace those battens.

Our home moved.

Our home moved.

And Kerry said, "now, we don't have to pack up our stuff and go home...."

You see, we were home.

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