Thursday, June 23, 2011

Line and Knives

No More Old Halyards!

Somehow I imagine Joan Crawford saying that.

Brigadoon now has all new running rigging, sheets to halyards.

These filthy, fuzzy, moldy old halyards had to go.   So...

I replaced them all with some really nice XLS Extra.  The stuff has a Dyneema core and polyester cover.  It should last me a decade.  It better.  Even off the clearance rack in the rigging department, the total cost of all the running rigging approached a grand.

I also received my Hook Knife.

It's for clearing lines/rope off the prop shaft or prop.  Yeah...that's exactly what it's for.  It's for safety.  Yeah.

And in the artistic yet functional department...

My old French Country knife, with a square sennet lanyard.

I feel accomplished.

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