Thursday, September 29, 2011

Listing to Port -- not so much anymore.

In a previous post I wrote about getting my tools on board.

Brigadoon has always listed slightly to port. Not as drastically as the big Beneteau in our marina, but enough to notice, especially when we are laying in our bunk.

After our long vacation in August, one of my goals was the get my tools on board.  I had two large tool boxes located in storage.  They were still there after nine months on Brigadoon because a) I had most of what I needed on board and, b) I was too busy/lazy to drag 300 lbs (yes I'm not kidding) down to the dock to sort through and bring aboard.

I finally got to storage and, after a rather dramatic struggle getting them from Smartie (our little Smart Car) into a really crappy dock box, Kerry and I were able to get them down to the dock.  She helped me as I sorted though hundreds of wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, needle nose, specialty tools and such.  It was a long, hot sit in the sun but, in the end I had a bunch of stuff I needed, and a big pile of discards.

And this is where they needed to go.  It's the space under the pilot house chart table.

About 18 cubic foot of space, stuffed to the top with everything.

And the slight list to port becomes worse.  You see, I had about 200 lbs of tools there, under the pilot house seat, and way to port, right above the 60gal fuel tank.

That lasted about a week or so.  It made sleeping harder as I rolled into Kerry during the night.  Now, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, until we want to actually sleep.  

So, time to change the plan.

I got home the other day and emptied the entire storage compartment out, moving every single toolbox to the salon cabin sole.  Then I started loading them into the strorage space under the starboard sette.

Better picture to come later but, it's the bench on the right.
Moving all the tools below the sette changed everything.  Brigadoon sits almost level on her lines now, pretty balanced between port and starboard.  I now also have easy access to all the tools without having to dig into a deep box.  They are now spread out under the cushions where I can get to them easily.

Boat in balance.  Sleep in balance.  Life in balance.

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