Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hunkered Down and Making Plans

We've been quiet of late, having immersed ourselves on plans within plans, plotting, calculating.

There are conflicting forces at work here.

Get out of debt.  Upgrade Brigadoon.  Build Savings.  Simplify.

There is also the desire to cast off the damn dock and the weather keeping us here.  It's been miserable, cold, with little wind when the weather is nice.  We aren't complaining.  It's just something we note; the engine hasn't started, the lines haven't been case of, and we have not taken Brigadoon out, for months.  We've had a few overnight possibilities shut down by miserable conditions.  Why motor to Andrews Bay to sit there in a pouring rain and cold (even though we can heat with the Dickensen) when we can sit at the dock and do that?  So we have not been out.

It has, however, been interesting weather, like when the sun rises behind intense fog.

That's the sun hitting the high rises in Seattle, not an ICBM taking off from Westlake Park.
But we have been busy.

The boat was measured for sails in December.  Carol Hasse spent three hours with us, measuring every aspect of Brigadoon's rig, talking running rigging, ensuring they are making the right sails.  With that, Port Townsend Sails has started our sail order.  We have made the choice not to put this on credit.  The deposit was cash, and the payments for the balance on delivery will be cash.  It makes it harder but it's the best decision.  The Mainsail comes in February, the Yankee in April and the Stays'l in June. We will be fully rigged with brand new custom sails by the start of summer.  I can't wait.

Kerry purchased some great storage bins to organize our pantry.  She is very proud of them.

Lock n Lock bins.  A girls organizational dream.
There's a new punch list of maintenance items I need to address while I'm buried in the boat by the weather.  There are electricals that need upgrading, water systems to tweak, hose clamps on the stuffing box to replace (the boat can sink in very short order if the stuffing box opens up).  There are also various ideas to make some rigging upgrades before the sails are in place.  Then we can spend a good spring and summer sailing Brigadoon.

The Boat Show is coming up.  Lots of plans there shopping for deals, attending seminars, and just browsing.

There's also our Showball (the debt reduction method and philosophy Kerry has implemented) plan to become debt free.  That's one ticket that doesn't come cheaply but, it opens up some interesting horizons for us.

The good news is, boat-wise, there are few surprises from the last year.  While some upgrades are needed, the boat systems are in good shape.  We've really gotten into the day to day habits of living on the water.  We are warm and comfy in our floating home.

Now to continue with the plans within plans, plotting, calculating and the realization of The Freedom Project.

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