Thursday, October 25, 2012

Port Townsend Sails: a followup on performance.

The new main, just bent on.

I have to say that, when I was considering new sails for Brigadoon (I won't say shopping as that implies getting a deal), I heard a lot about how to get inexpensive (cheap) sails. 

I did get some good advice to go with other lofts from people I trusted. Those were about quality and service for the most part. I appreciated that feedback.

When I posted my decision to a sailing group or two, including links to the above articles, the howls of protest and criticism of my decision were evident. Someone said I didn't need to spend that much money. Another said that I was denigrating the work of local sail 'lofts' who happen to farm their work out to Signapore or Phuket - "not that there's anything wrong with that". Another said I'd get a better deal (cheaper sails) if I went with loft X or loft Y.

Some people took my decision as some indictment of their business, personal preference, or their religion as far as I can tell. That's like saying I'm knocking a Hyndai because I decided my BMW Z4 suited my needs better. I'm not knocking anything. One meets my needs more than the other.
It's not about money or status. It's about getting the best quality for the money. 

By the way, I don't shop at WalMart either.

The simple fact is, we wanted the best sails we could afford. We wanted the loft and sail construction to be *local*. We wanted to be able to resolve problems in a short drive, not a six week turn around to the loft in southeast Asia. 

And that is why I chose Port Townsend Sails. I'm seriously happy with these sails so far and, our performance in the Race Your House event, along with the satisfaction and praise from Bob and James, tell me all I need to know about this decision.

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