Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Race Your House II

I just landed some choice pics of Brigadoon in the 2012 Race Your House.  I'm so stoked to get this shots, especially the one up close.  Without further ado, here they are:

Brigadoon, going past the committee boat at the start of the race.  Bob and James are driving.  Donn is crouched down on the starboard deck, repairing a block that came loose.

A great shot at Brigadoon's lovely broad canoe stern and dingy!

On our first upwind leg, headed towards the committee boat.

Brigadoon, headed for the final turn, just 21 seconds behind the Catalina 30.  We are hauling for all we are worth, rail buried in the water.

The Catalina is rounding up, having just crossed...we are next, tearing up sea for all we are worth.

Brigadoon, taking second in the 2012 Race Your House Regatta.

And easing off to go home...

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