Thursday, December 11, 2014

Limbo...sort of...mostly impatience.

I have never wanted to travel and explore the world more than I do now. Part of it is the collective national fairy story that we keep lying, er...telling, ourselves about racism. Another is the pack/tribe blindness we have regarding income inequity in this country. It's also hard not to notice the mass resistance, heels being dug in, about sexism and race culture in this country with talking head after talking head (many of them women working for the Man and therefore dependent on the regular paycheck and monetary validation) pretending it isn't a real problem. Then there are the very unsurprising and long long awaited report that this country tortured many people in our zealous headlong rush to revenge for 9/11.

Among the many many blind voices, constantly crying, "America is Awesome!," I can't help but imagine a very large, unattractive pig in a very muddy dress, eating everything in sight while others starve, proclaiming they are beautiful -- all evidence to the contrary. To see it, all you have to do is take off your America sunglasses for just one moment. Just one moment.

I'll not delude myself by imagining that other places are 'better'. The grass won't be greener elsewhere -- it will be different.

I want to see that grass. Different. Maybe better in ways significant. Maybe.

It's this seeming limbo, in the midst of a plan called The Freedom Project. It's not really limbo. We have a plan that is in execution and, to be honest, executing well.

With deliberate and singular focus, we are eliminating debt. We are maintaining and building Brigadoon, with even more plans to upgrade her, make her more seaworthy, make us more seaworthy, so we can execute the last steps of the plan.

I have never wanted to travel and explore the world more than I do now.

Biding my time, executing the plan, looking towards distant horizons, new places, and people other than this.

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