Monday, January 1, 2018

"Savior" has been published!

Written by Kerry

Donn has been writing a novel for the last 3+ years among all the other things he had on is plate.  We agreed in the late summer of 2015 that I would keep working to pay the bills, while he quit his day job to work on getting the boat ready to go, and to write this novel.

Well today, we successfully self published the e-book version on Amazon:

Savior by Donn Christianson

A modern romance with some sailing thrown in for good measure, this is an enjoyable read with great characters. 

If you like reading your books on a device, give it a try!  If you'd prefer a physical copy, stay tuned... I'll post again when that version is available - hopefully soon!

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  1. Hi! Are you currently anchored in Juanita Bay again? I see a boat out there from my house and it looks like yours from afar. I found your blog last year when I was googling around for data on how deep the water is out there. Safe travels!