Sunday, April 11, 2010

and the Freedom Project isn't just about a boat

It's about the overall idea of downsizing, both in the amount of stuff we own and how much we owe.

So, to that end, we went from this:

to this...

Smarty (yes, that is what Kerry named her) has a screaming 70hp, ABS, traction control and, get this...paddle shifters.  I kid you not.  It has paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

At least they are both German.

So, why the change?

Well, the BMW Z4 is a stupendous car -- really.  Driving it around the potholed roads of Seattle - not so much.  When we get the boat, it will move from a secure, private garage to a parking spot near the marina.  I just can't do that to this car.

Also, we are saving *hundreds* of dollars a month doing this (combination of car payment, insurance and such), which means that money can go towards paying down other debt or going into savings. 

After driving it a couple days in Seattle traffic, I have decided that

1) this thing is a breeze to park,

2) is actually easier to drive on crowded Seattle roads than the Z4 thoroughbred and,

2) I am going to install two (2) of these:

Yes, 139dB each.  The next ^%$#%^#@ that changes lanes into Smarty will be seeing his audiologist for permanent hearing loss and a hearing aid.

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  1. I used to spend two long weekends a month on one of these out of Marina del Rey

    May not be at all what you're looking for, but it was a rocking fine live-aboard and single-handed just fine as well. Good Luck in the Right One finding you!