Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Being good with holding makes sense right now.  All our friends are asking us when we are getting out boat.  The standard answer is, "when we sell our home."

Now, it isn't that we cannot afford the boat and slip right now.  We can.  We could buy any of the three boats on our list and be fine until the house sells. Sure, until the house sells, and as long as we have our jobs, etc.  We could also buy four times the boat we have been looking at for twice the price after our house sells too.  The thing is, if we go through all this and still owe the same debt, and have the same payment load, what have we gained but a simply a different living space?

One of the things I learned a while ago is to not confuse the ability to do a thing with whether or not one should. 

The Freedom Project is *not* about getting a boat.  The boat is one part of the overall manifestation of changing our lives from one focused on owning a home, on using, purchasing, consumerism to something else.  Sure, this *will* involve purchasing a boat but, that is but one small part of the process.

Done right, done with some sense, we will own less, owe less, enjoy what we own more, and have more freedom, both physical and financial.

So we are holding, waiting on a house sale so we can move forward with the shedding of possessions we don't really need or use, finding an enjoyable and suitable boat to live on, and to start a different phase of adventures in our life.

And that may include one of the following; a Nauticat 33 Pilot house sloop, the Freedom 39 Cat Sloop, maybe a Hunter 40.5 that we are going to see this weekend.   So, it's not about getting a boat but that part is sure, so far, enjoyable.

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