Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And...happy birthday to me...a new sailboat.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the Baba 35 Pilot House Cutter, designed by the renowned naval architect, Bob Perry.

We saw her a couple weeks ago, placed an offer, had it accepted, applied for financing, had that accepted today (happy birthday to me -- it's my birthday today).  Next Monday, we go to survey, resolve any issues, and should be on the boat by November 1.

We have plans to moor her in Seattle, on Lake Union right here.

We'll have some issues with storms from the south but we will have the best view in all of Seattle.

We have been staying silent as we did not want to publicly deal with the disappointment or questions if this fell through. We don't expect the survey to be an issue so, with financing approval, we think this is time.

After six long months, here she is.



  1. Wow! I say, happy Birthday! It's like a womb...with a view!
    All the best in life and love.

  2. Excellent! I so admired the Baba design that I tried to get Bob Perry to hire me.

  3. Very cool,
    Nice planning all the way, and there is the success..

    Baba is excellent, and robust boat..

  4. Wow, congratulations! Very sweet lines; I love the pilothouse cutters with canoe stern, full keel. Very best wishes for your bon voyages!