Monday, October 18, 2010

Suspension and apprehension

Brigadoon, all 22,000 lbs of her, swings in a sling above the waters of the Ship Canal, at CSR.  We took the day, poking around inside her hull, lifting every cushion, every board, opening every hatch, and learning all we could about her in the day allotted.  Our surveyor, Matt, did a great job of just poking along, getting a good understanding of what he needed to tell/show me, and doing just that.

We drive her to the CSR on the cut, where she was hauled, pressure washed ($375.00), so Matt could inspect her 30-year old hull and, upon my question of, "is there anything you see under here that I need to address right now?", answered with a direct and honest, "Nope."

We put her back in the water and headed east, towards Lake Union.  There we raised her sails and, in the feeble afternoon puffs (of course there was no wind!  we were on a sea trial!), at least had her moving at half a knot.  We learned a lot about rigging her, routing her lines, and wondered at why there was a permanent reef in her main.

Overall, though, she is a solid, well sorted out boat, that Matt pronounced, "favorable."

We will have her, with a few adjustments for leaky holding tank (stinky) hoses, a bad propane gauge, a exhaust hose in need of replacement, a bad water pump, and some hoses and electrical stuff that needs sorted out.

All in all, a very good survey for a boat that is thirty years old.

It was great driving her, even trying to sail her.

I can't wait to own her and put Brigadoon in her slip at what our broker Tori called a "million dollar view" at North Lake Union.


  1. Congratulations on finding the right boat!
    Enjoy it.