Monday, November 1, 2010

And....we've just begun.

Brigadoon has a new home, nestled against the end of our marina, on Lake Union.  I surprised my broker by wanting to move the boat today, just as a storm system was leaving.  We had a dicey moment at the marina but, once we got out into the lake, it was a pretty easy shot to our slip.

We took no pictures today.  There was too much to do to fumble with a camera.  A good friend, who is making a documentary about live aboard folk, did come along and videotape our maiden voyage.

Brigadoon now sits against the doc.  She's still afloat (we checked after a celebratory dinner at 9 Million in Fremont) last we left her.  I'm sure I'll go by and check on her daily.  We return Thursday night to settle some more things and plan on camping out on her this weekend.

There's much to do.  I'll be busy re-bedding chain plate covers, stopping a few small leaks, sorting out the entire boat, building a big todo list, scheduling some engine maintenance, and transitioning to moving aboard the weekend of the 13th of November.

It's taken eight long months, looking at possibly a hundred boats, talking to tens of brokers, until we found Brigadoon.

Thanks for listening and, as I said to Kerry tonight, "Whew!  Done."

"No," she replied. "We've just begun."

Gosh I love her.

The boat isn't bad either.

Here are the pictures we have so far.

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  1. Beautiful! So nice to have the pilot house in this northwest weather. Very excited for you! I grew up sailing every summer vacation as a child. It's wonderful. -Holly (LulaBelle)