Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cleaning out the house

You get four bins.

One is for trash, another goes into storage, another is donated to charity, the final one goes on the boat.

The trash is emptied continually as you finish each room; kitchen, wardrobe in the living room, your closet, the drawers of your dresser...

You put as much as you can into the donation box.  Why waste?

You put as little as you can into storage. Remember, this is not about stuff, memories, mementos (life isn't stuff), and things. Room costs money and carries weight.

The final bin is yours. You only get one.  It's what can go on the boat with you.  22 gallons of bin is all the personal possessions you can take, besides the clothes that can fit in your half (15") of the hanging locker, the two drawers, the one cabinet, and the shoe storage under the cabin steps.

That's it.

Four bins of stuff.

Only one is yours.


  1. Getting rid of the stuff is awesome !!

  2. Remember there is always the estate sale companies that can help you sell all the stuff that you don't want/cant take. It saved us a lot of time and made us a lot of money too!