Friday, January 13, 2017

The Ups and Downs of Limbo

We've been in Port Townsend for four weeks.  Amazing how time flies...enjoying the comforts of my parents' home, emptying the boat of all our belongings in preparation for the work we're doing; setting up various vendors and appointments to make everything happen the way we want before we depart for real in April.

Here are some observations:

1) Living on land again is interesting, if a bit weird.  I'm definitely enjoying the luxuries of a full kitchen, showers and laundry in house, and of course being with family.  But I also kind of miss our little home on the water and being rocked to sleep at night.  I cannot express how grateful we are to have the opportunity to live with my parents while we do this work - it's making a lot of this process SO much easier on a lot of levels.

2) All of our personal belongings fit within the footprint of a single car space in a garage.

The pile of stuff.

3) We've so far had amazing interactions with the shipyard (Port Townsend Shipwrights Co-op) we'll be working with and the vendors we are using, including Port Townsend Foundry.   Our mast is getting pulled on Monday, and the boat will haul out on Wednesday.  We're scheduled to be inside their shed for about three weeks - during which they will do some contracted work for us.  We'll also take advantage of being out of the weather to get some work done ourselves while she's inside.  (More about this to-do list in a later post)

4) Port Townsend is a charming town - we've had to get used to the low speed limits, which pretty much everyone observes, and some odd driving habits here and there - but the restaurants, the people, the deer, and the scenery around here are all pretty wonderful.  My mom has even talked me into joining the local community choir for the Winter/Spring concert season, which concludes right in time for us to leave.

5) My transition from working 7-4 at a real job has been mostly smooth.  Obviously it's been lovely to sleep as long as I want most nights and not have to answer to anyone else other than myself and Donn for what I do all day.  But it hasn't been all about laying around and reading or playing on my phone - we go to the boat just about every single day and get *something* done.  Whether it's cleaning, prepping for mast removal/haulout, or wrapping our heads around the extensive list of stuff we want to get done in the next two months - we've been working steadily since we've been here and it's only going to get busier starting next week.  I struggle a bit with some anxiety around all this, hoping I'm able to do my part even though I will be learning how/what to do every step of the way.  

I'm embedded in this odd limbo world - we've left our old life, but not yet started the journey.  Lots of work between now and then.  But I keep reminding myself - it's like any other project I've ever taken on - be it theater or day job.  One step at at time.  The goal is just there, on the horizon, within reach.  


  1. About the anxiety of being able to do your part - it's something I think a lot of us struggle with when we're attached to partners who know so much more than we do in this little world of sailing and boats. I just remind myself that I'm the Queen of the garden, and the sewing, and the painting/art, and all these other things that I've chosen to leave behind (except for the art) for now. We'll see who knows more and is more 'capable' next time gardening is involved. Until then, I just do what I can and learn when I can.

  2. Thank you for the support, Melissa! I appreciate the encouragement. 😊