Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And now, the Baba 40

The choices are endless and, as Mark Nichols wrote in his book, "The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat", boats do grow on trees. Well, this one did. I think the entire interior was made from a single teak log.

Kerry and I spent a couple hours poking around a Baba 40 last Sunday. This for sale by owner boat need a little love topside (teak decks need recalking) but the rest of the boat looks pretty good. The owner let us poke around for a while then spent some time both sitting in the sun and then down in the main salon, just sharing stories and talking about his boat.

It was worth the trip to Olympia and back and it's clearly on our mind when the house sells.

In other news, the Hardin we were interested in was in Anachortes at their little boat show. It was much dirtier than I remember and, to be honest, I wonder if the owner really wants to sell.

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