Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The list

Since the Freedom Project Started

Things we have done:

  • Hired a realtor
  • Placed our home on the market
  • Went to the Seattle Boat show
  • Looked at about a hundred boats on line
  • Walked boats with brokers in Seattle, LaConnor, Anachortes, Friday Harbor, and Bellingham.
  • Looked at Hunter, a classic custom wooden sloop, Benetau, Catalina, Tayana, Ta Shing, Waquiez, Hardin, LeFitte, and others.
  • Figured out what it takes to make a live aboard space work.
  • Scouted for Moorage
  • Decided what we have to shed -- the list is huge.
  • Emptied the storage space in prep for stuff going in there.
  • Sold off two scooters, books, a car, all the bicycles, some guitars, stereo equipment, and more and put it all in the bank. Dealt with a lot of slime ball yahoos in the process from the craigslist ads.
  • Talked to about 20 boat brokers.
  • Made a decision to engage a boat broker as our representative.
  • Placed a contingency offer on a Hardin 45, only to have the response be not what we want, then withdrawing that offer with a friendly, "thank you."
Still to do:

  • Get an offer on the house we can accept.
  • Hear that our buyers are qualified for financing.
  • Start engaging our broker about boat choices.
  • Get our closing date.
  • Put an offer on a boat.
  • Get financing for boat.
  • Survey boat.
  • Sea Trial boat.
  • Find moorage.
  • Arrange the estate sale of 90% of all our belongings. If it doesn't fit in a couple plastic tubs, it doesn't go on the boat.
  • Arrange USCG classes for each of us.
  • Estate sale successful and more cash in the bank.
  • Start the process on the boat.
  • Close the house.
  • Move to a rented room if necessary.
  • Close on the boat.
  • Move boat to moorage.
  • Move onto boat.
Begin living aboard.

There's more but that is what it is so far.

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