Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's all about the money.

Last night, before we filled out the financing approval application on our boat, we walked along the Duwaminsh Marina.

The Marina of the Dead

I have rarely seem a more extensive collection of dying, derelict, and deteriorating boats laying about in one place. I could easily buy almost every boat in that marina -- cash. If I chose the worst ones, I'd likely get two or three. However, our boat is about a place to live, not a hobby on the water.

So we are working on a pre-approval, a vetting if you will, on financing a boat. This way we know what level of boat they think we can afford (it will likely be more than I am willing to go into debt for)before we make an offer on something we want. This makes our offer stronger. We can say, "and we are serious because we are already approved."

So, as that phase is started, we are still looking about for moorage. After all, the joy of a movable home can't be realized until you have a place to move it to, and a place to move it from.

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