Monday, November 7, 2011

New Cushions

We have been waiting a year for this.  The cushions weren't as much an issue to me as they were to Kerry.  I was more focused on the systems.  She is more focused on comfort and beauty. I like comfort and beauty so, this is a good match.

The original cushions were pretty beat.  Not only were they less than beautiful, they were also very worn.  The foam was completely bottomed out.  The best recipe for an ass that is completely asleep is to sit on the salon cushions for about thirty minutes.

The old beige cushions.

As you can see, they weren't that bad, but they look better than they are.

It was a long process.  The first company we called ended up being this distracted (took a phone call from another customer while measuring our boat) guy who blew us away with his estimate.

It was $8,000.


Oh, oops, he made a math mistake.  It's really $6,700 instead.

And does that include the 15% materials discount.

Oh, he forgot that too.

Sorry, see ya.  Mistakes or trying to take us on the cost; it's the same difference to us.

So we called Pam at Vashon Portage Canvas.  We saw her work at the Boats Afloat show back in September.  Pam came out, measured the boat and provided us with a real reasonable estimate.  We had a lot of discussion on the right foam and fabric.  Bob Perry, the designer of the boat suggested we go with different colors for the base and the back.  We decided to try that out and found a combination that we liked.  Kerry loves rich colors and I see no reason not to indulge her.

First she stopped by with just the foam, to make sure it all fit.

Kerry is very foam!

Then we waited for her to complete the fabric.  It arrived today.

We chose a burgandy faux leather for the bases and a red/orange/gold material for the backs.  We ended up spending quite a bit on the fabric to get the hightest quality (durability/stain resistance) we could.  We think it's worth it.

The starboard sette in the main salon.
The port sette.

Note the buttons.  We decided to use the base fabric for the buttons on the backs.  It turned out great.

The chart table.

All in all I think we are going to be very happy with this.  The foam is perfect.  It doesn't bottom out at all. It's very comfy.  While the fabric is not your usual beige/blue we have seen on so many boats, it really works in the teak interior of Brigadoon.

Thanks to Bob Perry for his suggestions, to Pam for the work, and to Kerry for her inspiration and drive around this project.  Now we feel like we can really entertain in comfort and style.

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