Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Year (Kerry's view)

Most of the time Donn writes about our adventures and his musings on our life on the boat.  Today I feel like chiming in a bit.

One year ago today, we closed on Brigadoon, were handed the keys and motored the short distance from the broker's dock to our new home.  Life since then has been nothing short of amazing.  Let me list the ways...

  1. Simplifying and purging my belongings down to what I *really* need and want has helped me get really clearheaded about my spending habits and shunning clutter.
  2. I thought I would miss some of the creature comforts of a land-based home more than I do.
  3. Adventure on a boat can be found anywhere from sailing through 6 foot waves in Puget Sound, to losing our engine a little too close to the shipping lanes, to simply waking up in the middle of a windstorm at the "safety" of our own dock.
  4. I truly think our boat is one of the most beautiful environments I've ever lived in.
  5. I have been learning - and will continue to learn how to be the best sailing crew I possibly can.
  6. Entertaining guests in such a small cozy space yields wonderful conversations and fellowship.
  7. I am constantly in awe of our amazing view and the nature that surrounds us, even in the heart of our city.
  8. I am also constantly in awe of the skills Donn has and continues to collect around fixing and maintaining our boat.  I know Brigadoon will be well cared for and become even more beautiful over time as he and I continue to update her and keep her running smoothly.
  9. Since selling most of my physical library of books, I am slowly adding to my new digital library on my Kindle.  I love my evenings reading on the boat!
  10. As Tom Petty would say... "the future is wide open".

That last one is in some ways the most important.  This past year we have started forming and discussing our future.  A future made possible because of Brigadoon and what she can offer us in terms of travel and adventure.  I feel like my focus has gotten really specific, my priorities have subtly shifted, and my objectives are clear and bright.  It's a really good and satisfying feeling.

I'm looking forward to what year two has in store for us.  More trips and adventures, more upgrades, and continuing to value and cherish this life I get to share with my incredible Captain and Love.

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  1. I wish they weren't doing so much construction around here. The dust is making my eyes water.